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Arguably, FIFA 09 was the king of all soccer games, and it represented a pinnacle point in the series with all the newest innovations into soccer gaming. With that said, how does FIFA 10 stack up to FIFA 09? First, a lot of gamers probably have some big expectations of FIFA 10 because of how good FIFA 09 was. On visual basis, FIFA looks great, and it is not far removed from its predecessor.

When you play the demo on the PC, you do see a lot of changes that have improved the game further. The biggest change relates to how the game designers introduced 360 degree control. That means that you can move your players in more than eight directions, and it gives the gameplay a more subtle appeal. You have more chances for creative play and more flexibility than ever before.

When we look at the player animation, there has been a complete redesign of how it takes place. You can move with your characters, and the ball dribbling looks fantastic. Along with those upgrades, FIFA 10 raised the intelligence of the players so that they act more naturally. As a result, they may not do what you want, but it gives the game a more realistic appeal.

Game designers also upgraded the management. Perhaps they made improvements in response to Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer, which has always been known as the better game series for soccer. With FIFA 10, game designers added a new feature called "Ambition." This affects the decisions of the computer players, and if you have a team full of defenders, it can be tough to convince another to join. This is because most players do not consider this worth their time in furthering their soccer career.

FIFA 09 got a lot right with the game, but FIFA 10 has a cleaner and more subtle design than 09. It had some big shoes to fill, but FIFA 10 has made a step in the right direction with a more realistic game of football. Unfortunately, the PC version lags behind the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. While the PC version is by no means a bad game, the developers could have done a better job at putting the PC specs together. To start, almost none of the interesting physical interactions can be seen in the players. The PC version of FIFA 10 would have had no problem with the physics that the consoles used, but the developers made no effort to leverage the hardware. On the other hand, the action looks great, and the animations worked well for the time. The players jostle each other, and there is increased clarity in the PC version than in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.


  • More intelligent AI in the players
  • Faster keepers
  • 360 degree control
  • Improves on an already legendary game FIFA 09


  • The game is outdated compared to FIFA 16
  • No online gameplay in the demo
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